Show #24–Sarah Cornish

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie are joined for Show #24 by Sarah Cornish of My Four Hens Photography.   Sarah shares her creative style with the host and the listeners, plus announces a giveaway with jpeg2RAW.  In addition, Sarah sets a new record for the show with 151 people tuning in for the Live Show!




  • Tell us about yourself.  I read where you come from very humble beginnings.
    • Started very young when Aunt invited her out for Photography, Grand Canyon, Hot Air Balloon etc.  15 years old at the time.  Took pictures on a P&S and will never share the photos.
    • Started with a Canon Rebel, moved to manual and never looked back
    • Struggled with the economy as overtime was cut and took the plunge into photography
    • Started in Connecticut where I grew up, small town
      • Was able to get people from different areas
      • Photographers were also a part of the group
    • Currently 32K fans on Facebook, started in 2009, totally amazing.  An increase over the last several weeks from 28K
    • Built up business in Connecticut and moved to Colorado, how does that impact you.
      • Was worried initially
      • Friend (Lindsey) helped with the transition to Colorado
      • Plenty of photographers in CO helped out
      • People are different – friendly / warm and smiling for no reason
      • Still go to the East Coast every Summer
      • Came to Colorado after travelling to Las Vegas for a Seminar
      • I’m a Dreamer
  • When on a photo shoot how do you start?
    • Go with the flow to get the family to relax
  • Would you say you have “style” to your images that says Sarah Cornish took this?  If so, what is they style and how long did it take you to develop it?
    • Whimsical
    • Innocence in Children
    • Photography is organic
    • Not a poser
    • I do direct but don’t let them act as if they are in a photo studio
    • My husband comes to every session and helps talking to the husband which helps relax the family (he also carries the equipment)
    • Sometimes I will bring goodies for the kids to keep them focused
  • How do your kids react to photos?
    • Boys don’t like it
    • Daughter wants to be a Gap model
  • How many session do you normally take a month?
    • At the beginning it was difficult
    • Prefer taking photos 2-3 hours before the sunset…not a morning person for the sunrise.  I like the back-lighting and flair
    • Would like to limit to 10 sessions but end up double booking
    • When I am taking photos I am lost in what I am doing
    • Promise clients 25 photos
    • Sell a lot of photo books (Millers Lab)
    • I prefer to sell prints versus files…if I sell the file it is more.
    • Word of mouth is important
    • Edit all photos before customer sees the photographs
    • Entire gallery is available within two weeks
    • Goal is to have a custom website
    • Prefer to have the clients over to review photos prior to orders
    • Edit with Photoshop / ACR
    • Shoot everything with RAW
    • Format card in camera
  • Give away for jpeg2RAW – Buy My Store Package – valued at over $500
  • Give away on own site as well.  My way of saying thank you for people who leave comments.  It is the right thing to do.
    • Able to get some sponsors, Canon was able to offer some money towards a camera.
    • Giving away a mentor-ship
  • You have an impressive list of PS actions on your site, did you personally develop all of these, including the names?
    • Experimenting and playing within Photoshop
    • Pick from what I like and ultimately compile into an action
    • Experiment with photos I take of my children
  • You have developed an impressive following, can you shed any light on what steps a photography can take to improve their following?
    • Keeping up with this following must be very difficult, how do you manage to keep everything going?
  • Tell us about 52 Weeks of Photos
  • If that’s not enough, you have started another project where you are interviewing some amazing photographers.  Tell us how this got started and what’s it all about.
    • Different style photographers
    • Networked with people that I have met in forums
      • Jasmine Star
      • Jenke Art
      • Lisa Holiday
      • Terra Whitney
    • Need to do two per week to complete
    • All interviews are on blog at
  • Questions
    • Favorite Lens – 35L, Never use zooms, all primes
    • What is a good lens for a beginner – 50/  f1.8 – 1.4 would be a little better
    • Where did you get Business Info when starting – Internet and forums
    • Why did you pick Canon over Nikon? Started with canon P&S
      • Factor could be friends with same equipment
    • How do you get the proper exposure for Manual?  Look at the meter in the viewfinder and review the histogram.  Keep the needle toward the middle.
    • Pricing – Setting for worth? Depends on market and learn by what people are ordering.  Sit down and determine what I needed to make to support business.  Need to price correctly…may lose some clients but you will also gain some.
    • Do you do anything special for White Balance?  Utilize sliders in Lightroom.  Processing is creative and not totally dependent on skin tones.
    • How do you know when you progressed past practicing?  No good answer…once you are comfortable and have consistent photographs.







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