Show #23–Live Edits

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie break new ground for Show #23.  Mike and Kathleen both edit photos LIVE during the broadcast.  Mike uses Lightroom and Kathleen uses Photoshop.  In addition, Rachel Brenke joins the show to draw the winning entry in the Rachel Brenke Photography Workshop Giveaway.



    • We transitioned over to Google+ instead of Skype…first impressions are positive
    • Podcast started at a new time for the new year…8:30PM
    • Contest give away later in the show, Rachel Brenke
    • New contest starting next week…Sarah Cornish from My Four Hens Photography – Buy My Store package
    • Started Manual Monday, Mike started out of the gate even though he doesn’t necessarily shoot in Manual.  Next week Kathleen by “Blow our socks off”
    • This week we will work on editing live…Mike & Tim edit in Lightroom while Kathleen edits in Photoshop



Editing in Lightroom, Mike is sharing through Google+

      • Photo of Girl at Swim meet
        • Starting in Library and moved over the Develop Module
        • Photo being edited was shot in RAW which allows a little more latitude
        • Shows the blown highlights which he will attempt to recover using the recovery slider in the Basics Panel
        • Moving over to Fill Light will improve the areas that are not blown out
        • Zooming into 100% shows a little noise
        • Used Clarity to “sharpen” the phone
        • Used Vibrance to add additional color
        • Used Sharpening but selected Mask to only work on areas selected
      • Photo of Disney cruise
        • Showed how you can change the blues in the sky with a slider
        • Clicked on the color he wanted to affect and selected the blue slider
        • Clicked on the green in the water and moved the slider to change the green color only in the photograph
        • By highlighting the pictures in the lower bar and selecting “Sync” the changes can be sent across all photos

Rachel Brenke joined the podcast to give away the contest prize.

  • Melissa Sanchez is the winner of the gift certificate…she is in the chat and is pleased to win

Next contest will start…if you were in the last contest you probably have the already performed the majority of the required steps.  You would just need to “Like” My Four Hens Facebook page
Editing in Photoshop, Kathleen is sharing through Google+

  • Photo of a baby to do a composite
    • Posing the baby always takes into account the safety of the baby first
    • Mom held either sides of the the babies face but now changed to a top / bottom to avoid movement
    • Bring all images into Lightroom to choose the photos
    • On Layers pallet start with an adjustment layer to and ensure no clipping is occurring in the photo…performed to both photos
    • Need to flatten the images before merging
    • Grabbed photo on right and dropped on second photo
    • Change opacity to 50% and align the photos (head or eyes)
    • Change brush opacity to remove the finger








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