Show #22–Scott Greene

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie are joined for Show #22 by Scott Greene of Scott Greene Photography.   Tim shares a HUGE announcement with the show and we all share what we received for Christmas.



  • Tim Announced wife is pregnant

Christmas Presents

    • Tim
      • Spider Black Widow Holster
      • Wacom Intuos 4, Small
      • Photo Basics – Reflector Set with Tripod
      • 3 Legged Stool
    • Mike
      • Hono Straps – Wraps around hotshoe flash
      • LumiQuest Promax System – 80-20 Bounce with reflectors
      • Induro Tripod – light for travel
    • Kathleen
      • Easy Balance Grey Card
      • Reflectors
      • Calibrator for Screen, Huey Pro
    • Scott
      • Looking to get Nikon VR2 70-200mm /f2.8



  • Tell us about Scott Greene.
    • Graduated with Graphic Design Degree, Minor in Photography
    • Opportunity to shoot CD’s covers for two musicians
    • Now take wedding and senior photography
    • How do you manage full time job and photography business
      • Luck that f/t job is low stress and when done at work it stays at work and able to complete work at night
      • Took Nov / Dec off to regroup
    • How long have you been doing this professionally?
      • Started charging for work in 2005
    • Did you always want to be a photographer?
    • Any formal training?
      • Took workshops, seminars, read books and magazines to gain knowledge
    • Equipment? Hardware and software
      • Started with Minolta 7D
      • Nikon D3 – backup
      • Nikon D3S – primary
      • Use one Nikon Speedlight SB 900
      • Utilize Lightroom to narrow down photos
    • What do you like to shoot?  How did you get into that type of photography?
      • Seniors – Combination of photo and histogram
      • On a wedding day I utilize the “blinkies” to see if highlights are blown
      • Sometimes toddlers…they are fun depending on what you put into it
    • Jpeg or RAW?
      • All RAW since day 1
      • Convert RAW to DNG
      • Senior Rep Program?
    • Senior Reps,
    • Photos Reviewed
      • Photo of Scotts with a wedding couple draped in LED Christmas Lights
      • Inspiration of couple on truck in a junk yard…”trash the dress” photos (image of dress on fire)
        • Stalked wedding photographer on Internet for ideas
          • Melissa Ray Photoraphy – Canada
          • Jeff Weber – Canada
          • ???
    • What do you use to smooth skin?
      • Deviant Art
      • Try not to take out everything otherwise it doesn’t look real
    • Editing Process – Got down to  a science
      • Night of wedding (same for Senior photos)
        • Dump cards into computer, DNG
        • Create a folder with numbering system, 6 digits (MMDDYY)
        • Pull images into Lightroom
        • Reject / Pick
        • Discard photos that are duplicate
        • Keep around 50/60 per hour shot
        • Time per edited image
          • If photos are taken around the same time I batch process around 15-20 images at a time
          • Edit 200-250 per night
          • Get it done correctly in camera prevents time spent on the back-end
        • Disk cover and prints all done at home
          • Epson Stylus R1400
        • Uses “levels” instead of “curves”
    • Fortographers
    • How long did it take you to get at this level of photography?
      • With job working within Photoshop all day long
      • Graphic design background quickened the learning process
    • Advertise?
      • Have a billboard which creates some exposure
      • Facebook – self promos, creates 90% of senior work
      • Mostly word of mouth
    • Shoots
      • 54 total weddings, goal is to shoot 7 – 10 weddings per year, reason is a lot of side shooting (biggest disservice is overbooking which affects quality of the final product).  Limited shoots creates value.
      • Shoot 16 seniors, double over the prior year and looking to double again.  Quicker turn around and more profitable.
    • Using a strobe for photography
      • Aperture controls the strength of the flash
      • Shutter controls ambient light








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