Show #20–Morgan Kervin

Host Mike Howard is joined by co-host Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie for Show #20.  Our guest is the very talented photographer Morgan Kervin.


Show Notes:



Questions for Morgan

  • Why are you quitting the business?
    • Not quitting entirely
    • Will do shoots I want to do
    • Time takes up so much time that i am missing the pivotal moments with my young children
    • Looking to step back for around a year to a year and a half
    • Upon return I will have my ideas set for how to maintain a profitable business
    • Still getting clients on a daily basis to make an exception
  • How do you chose your locations?
    • I work on a military base so my clients generally come from here
  • Are you worried about losing your client base?
    • Working on a military base my clients generally roll over every two and a half years so I need to get new clients
    • Not going to fall off the map…still engaging clients
    • Typically take off January through March anyway
    • Will continue to show portfolio
  • Are you worried about up and coming photographers
    • Not really.  I am hired for the photographer that i am…there are plenty of photographers out there…we are different
  • Workshop – $60 one time charge for a six week course (26% discount through December 13th for $44.40) which is for the January 15th and March 1st course
    • Course is laid out…can’t speed ahead
    • Once a week there is an assignment that has to do with the weekly assignment
    • Critique the work…very important for honest feedback
    • Don’t take friends / clients opinion…get someone with some expertise to critique and someone that doesn’t know you that isn’t afraid to help you improve
    • What is the time commitment…reading time is around ten minutes?  Can be extended
    • There is a limit of participants that can be involved
  • Noticed Morgan uses Square Perfect Studio lights…how many are used and where positioned.  All dependent on subject:
    • Newborns, 45 degrees to side
    • Families, Two…umbrella to right and soft box (4-5 feet high) to the left (6 feet high)
    • Will also use natural light depending on circumstances
  • How long to learn how to use studio lights?  Around six months to feel comfortable
  • Back drops and floor drops – Bad Sass
  • White Balancing – Typically use Auto White Balance unless there is a dominant color.  In the studio I know the White Balance and set for the same.
  • Looking to start two additional workshops:
    • Photoshop
    • Photoshop Elements
  • What level of critique would be included in a workshop
    • Explained the good things (eyes are in focus) but need to get down lower to take a perspective picture.  Looking to get away from the snapshot.  Change the story that is being told.
  • Do you do your own taxes?
    • Yes, My parents own their own business and have taught me how to do my own taxes.
    • Utilize a spreadsheet
  • How do you market your business / workshops?
    • Business Cards at locations people visit
  • What have you learned?
    • Offering CD’s is not a good thing – photos are not printed
    • Want clients to have a wall gallery, print and hold on forever, pass down to generations
    • Don’t mind watermarking photos for the clients to share
    • Photos are kept stored on external hard drive
    • Price myself where I need to be to create a store front

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Utilize a knee pad to allow self to get lower to the ground without causing pain.

  • Besides camera and lenses what must you have with you:
    • Lens Friend
    • Bottle of Water
    • Towel (Dad will sweat)
    • Tissues
  • Kathelen
    • Wipes
    • Tissues
  • Tim
    • Lens Pen
  • Mike










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