Show #19–White Balance & more

Host Mike Howard is joined by co-host Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie for Show #19.  The host spend most of the show discussing a very important topic to every photography, even if they don’t realize it, WHITE BALANCE.


Show Notes:




    • A Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone
    • Finalists’ work will be shown at Saatchi Gallery, London for two months
    • The exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, London the winner will go on a once-in-a-lifetime photography trip to a destination of their choice with a professional photography coach.
Canon 1000D recovered from the bottom of the ocean…photos were recovered off the memory card and the owner identified through Google+

Tips to remember at the beach…never change the lens at the beach.  The salt water would eat the inside of the camera
Trying to convince Kathleen Bowie to become a Co-Host for jpeg2RAW.  Decision after the holidays.

  • A Professional Photographer
  • Uses Canon Equipment
  • Edits with Mac


Nurture Baby –

Purchasing equipment during the holidays and beyond.  Be wary of Grey Market equipment which is defined as the trade pf a commodity through distribution channels.  In regards to camera equipment the camera would not be covered under a USA Warranty and would not be serviced within the USA.  The little savings may ultimately hurt you in the end if the equipment fails.  A tip to follow…if the price seems too good to be true it probably is.  Stick with known sellers such as Adorama, B&H or Amazon.
Shooting using correct While Balance:
Using the correct White Balance will enable you to spend more time taking photographs instead of editing in the computer
Options for White Balance
Gray Card
Expo Disc:
BRNO baLens Cap – Simple White Balance Control
Monitor Calibration
Needed to ensure the end product is the same as what you see on screen.  
Mike uses the Spyder Pro 3 –
Tim uses the HueyPro –





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geephotant (Geek-Photographer-Accountant) (aka. Mike Howard) is the creator of Nov Studios and the jpeg2RAW podcast. Mike is an accountant by day as the Controller for a large US based corporation. By night, he is a geek and has appeared on the Home Server Show Podcast & the BYOB podcast ( both found at He has also appeared on the Home Tech Show podcast ( and is now a regular guest on that show. Mike's true passion is photography and shoots when ever he can find time. As an amateur photographer, he is always looking to learn more about the craft.

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