Show #11–Camera Settings

This is a “Back-to-the-Basics” show.  Host Mike Howard and Tim Kemperle discuss their camera settings.  Mike shots a Nikon D2x and Tim shots a Sony A700.



We had a couple of news stories for Show #12.

  • New anti-blur being worked on by Adobe.  No estimate of when we will see this in Photoshop, but it looks interesting.  Follow the link for the article and video.
  • Second news story is really just some site news.  If you are a subscriber to either of the video feeds (Large Video or Small Video), the file sizes have been pretty large.  In fact, the Large Video  was getting to be over 700MB which is huge for a podcast.  Well, after many hours of testing, I have been able to DRASTICLY reduce the file size.  Large Video  is now under 250MB AND the resolution has been slighting INCREASED!  Let me know what you think.



Mike’s Camera Settings:


  • Shooting Menu
    • Color Space – Adobe RGB
    • Color Mode – II
    • Hue adjustment – 0
    • File Naming – D2X
    • Image Quality – RAW
    • JPEG Compression – Optimal Quality
    • RAW Compression – Off
    • While Balance – Manually set – 5600k
    • ISO – 100
    • Image Sharpening – Normal
    • Tone Compression – Normal


  • Custom Settings Menu
    • AF-C Priority – fps rate
    • AF-S Priority – Focus
    • Focus Tracking – Lock on – Normal
    • AF Activation – AF-On only
    • ISO Auto – Off
    • ISO Step – ⅓ stop
    • EV Steps – ⅓ stop
    • File number sequence – On
    • FUNC Button – Spot Metering



Tim’s Camera Settings:

  • Record Menu
    • Aspect Ratio – 3:2
    • Quality – RAW
    • D-Range Optimizer – Standard
    • Creative Style – Standard
    • Exposure Step – 0.3 EV
    • Flash Mode – Fill-Flash
    • Flash Control – ADI flash
    • AF-A setup – AF-A
    • AF Area – Wide
  • Custom Menu
    • Eye-Start AF – On
    • AF drive speed – Fast
    • Bracket Order – 0 -> – -> +
  • Switches / Dials
    • Exposure Mode Dial – Usually M
    • Drive – Fast
    • White Balance – Auto
    • ISO – Varies…usually 200
    • Exposure Compensation – varies…usually 0
    • Front Dial – Shutter Speed
    • Rear Dial – Aperture Setting
    • Super Steady Shoot – On
    • Auto focus – Continuous
    • Metering Mode – Multi Segment







  • Mike’s tip– SLR simulator – a great online tool to help you understand the exposure relationship  –
  • Tim’s Tip – As you start playing around with your settings, be sure to check some of the key items (ISO, WB, etc) BEFORE you start taking photos.  RAW will help recover some of these mistakes, but will not help for things like ISO.
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