Show #5–Let’s Get a Little Creative

For Show #5, host Mike Howard is joined by Chris Lux for a discussion about Chris’s creative ideas.

Chris and I start the show with a general discussion about the RAW format vs jpeg, which is what Chris shoots.  At some point, I will be writing an article about the advantages of RAW over jpeg, but until then here is a good article you might want to read;

Chris sees my Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 lens in the background of my Skype video and it reminds him of a telescope and a Questar product he once purchased for use with a DSLR and a telescope.  Not sure if this is the correct link, but this is what I found:

We then get into the main topic, Chris’s creative 3-D photo prints.  Below you can see the examples of what we discussed on the show:

firepoker-org firepoker-2 firepoker-3
firepoker-4 firepoker-1 firepoker-5


We then discuss Chris’s pano shot where he had two family members move around the scene as he took the photos.



Chris also discusses a different approach to pano’s where instead of going from left to right you go from bottom to top.  The image below is an example of this method.

9-18-2011 11-51-37 AM

Mike has never tried this method and it looks very interesting and something he will try in the future.  Next Mike brings up a related shotMike-Clone he did of his son handing himself a cordless phone.  Yes that is the same kid.

Christmas Card HugeMike also mentions a Christmas card shot he tried where none of them came out right, so he ended up combining two images to create ne final shot that did look good.

The guys then discuss a web site called dearphotograph which is where you take an old photo and go back to that scene and take a photo of the scene with the original image in it.  Ok, better to show some examples rather than me trying to explain it.  Below are a couple images from the site, followed by the image from the space shuttle launch.  That last photo was not from the dearphotograph site.  For that image and more information, you can head over to

Dear Photography -1 Dear Photography -2


8-16-2011 5-02-35 PM


As we end the show, chat room participant and friend of the show, Silvio adds some of his images to the flickr group:

9-18-2011 11-53-25 AM

If you haven’t already, head out to our flickr group and start adding some of your own photos.   Also, come join me in the forums.


Chris’s web links:





Video players below will need to fully download the video before playing will begin.

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