Show #4–Taking photos while on vacation

Host Mike Howard is joined by Tim Kemperle.  Tim and Mike discuss taking photos while on vacation, specifically, Tim talks about his experience take photos while at Disney World.

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Tim starts off talking about how his father took a lot of photos when he was young.  While he didn’t realize the importance of those photos when his dad was taking them, he sure values them now.  So keep taking the photos of the kids, some day they will value them as much as you.

Mike talks about a photo his Mom had of his first grade class and how posting it on Facebook was something many of his grade school friends enjoyed.  Yea, that’s me in the yellow shirt, second row, first seat.



Tim gives us a little about his background and why he shoots with a Sony A700. image_thumb5   Some of Tim’s favorite lenses are the 16-105, the 85mm f/1.4, a 50mm f/1.7 and a 100-400 he uses for sports.  One of the reasons Tim shoots Sony is that he came from the Minolta line of cameras and this line has been carried over to the Sony line allowing his Minolta lenses to work on his new Sony DSLR.

The guys then get into Tim’s annual trip’s to Disney World.  His main lens for taking photos in the parks is the 16-105, although he also brings the 50mm and the 85mm.  The other very important piece of equipment he brings for his night shots and that is a tripod or at least a monopod.  In addition, he brings aTamrac backpack which helps hold all his gear plus a few other items.

One of the things Tim likes to shot is the firework show at Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom.  He gives his tips for positing yourself so that the tripod does get bumped or in the way of the other guest in the park.  Tim suggest that you bring a tripod suited for traveling vs your main heavy tripod.  He currently uses a Slik tripod he can attach to his backpack.

image_thumb29 image_thumb31 image_thumb32


Next the guys talk about the importance of using flash as demonstrated by the photo of Tim’s son in the Tea Cup ride. image_thumb10Not only does the flash help illuminate his son, but adds the catch light in his eyes, compensate for the bright background and help stop the action of the ride.  To get this, Tim of course had to bring his camera in the ride.  Very nice Tim!

While Tim has done a wonderful job of taking photos of his family while on vacation, Mike mentions that he often forgets to get the family in the photo and just takes photosimage_thumb14 of the wonders around him like the photo with the Disney cruise ship, yea I have no idea who those people are in the photo.


Mike and Tim talk about Adobe Lightroom and how much they use it and how little they now use Photoshop.

Tim shares his photos by posting them to flickr (Tim’s flickr photos), where he sends the full sized images and in effect uses the service as a offsite backup of his photos.

Mike shares his photos either on Facebook, flickr and Google+.  BTW, if you don’t have a Google+ account, send me an e-mail and I will send you an invite.

To close the show Tim gives us a tip about taking photos while at Disney.  The tip is get in the park EARLY and you will get someimage_thumb16 photos almost no one else will have, like the image below of Main Street.  Normally this street is packed, but look how empty it is in Tim’s shot!

Tim’s next tip is to use the web site to find the “blue hour” times in your area or the area you are traveling to.  Blue hour is that time of day (morning and evening) when the sky is a deep blue color.  Another great tip Tim!

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