Show #1–Full Camo and a Large Weapon


In this first episode of the jpeg2RAW podcast, host Mike Howard is joined by two guest, Jenny and Kristen.  Jenny and Kristen help launch our new podcast by sharing their experiences as new DSLR owners and helping us build a “baseline” to work off of in future episodes.

It wouldn’t be a first episode without problems, and we had a few.  From “tea pot” sounds coming from one guest’s mic to feedback from the other, but we made it through and produce a good show.

We get started by asking both our guest: “Do you shoot JPEG or RAW?”   Both Jenny and Kristen answered they only shot JPEG, actually Jenny mentioned that she “shoots what ever comes out of the camera”.

imageWe then start a discussion about DSLR’s and what each guest owned and why they chose what to get the camera and lenses they purchased.  Jenny also mentions how she still uses a point n shoot from time to time depending on where she is going to take photos.  image

This starts a discussion about the size of the sensor and how much larger a DSLR sensor is compared to a point n shoot or a camera phone.  Mike then goes into a discussion about the benefits of a DSLR vs a point n shoot including the focus speed and the ability to blur the background better.

Both guest have joined the jpeg2RAW flickr group and shared a few of their images.  Jenny loves taking photos of her young boy, and one of the images she shared was of him immediately after squirting himself in the face with the water hose.  As you can see from the photo below, the blurring of the background makes for a much more pleasing image with no background distractions allowing us to focus on the cute little boy.image

Kristen has also joined the jpeg2RAW flickr group and posted her own images.  She also shares with the show how she used Adobe Photoshop to edit a lot of her photos using various Photoshop Actions.  Kristen explains how she used a vignetting action to create the effect shown in the image below.  This style is generally used to focus the viewers eyes on the center portion of the image.


Mike mentions that his photo editor of choice is Adobe Lightroom and suggest this is a good product to help you make the switch from JPEG to RAW and is cheaper than Adobe Photoshop.  Of course owning both would also be great!

Kristen shares with the show that she maintains a blog as a kind of “baby book” that she shares with with family and friends for the major events in her child’s life.   Unlike Mike, Kristen actually prints some of her photos and uses the site Blog2Print to print images from her blog.image


imageThe group discusses the histrograms and how they can be used to determine if an image has been “blown” out.  Ken Rockwell has a good article on the subject of histograms, so read his article for more information.

Jenny and Mike discuss how she selects her images before sending to family & friends but does not do any editing to them.  Mike mentions that he gets e-mails with photos where the person sending the photo appears to have not done any selection due to their being 17 images of a child in almost the exact same position, all out of focus and under/over exposed.  Don’t be one of those people!!!

All members of the group shares their images through Facebook (join our Facebook Fan page), which in many ways, has replaced the old printed photo album.  This brings up the discussion about protecting your images from hard drive failure.  Mike mentions that we should all be prepared for the fact that the hard drive holding all your photos, WILL FAIL!  It’s only a matter of time. Mike discusses two possible solutions, Windows Home Server and CrashPlan.image





Listen to the podcast below:






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geephotant (Geek-Photographer-Accountant) (aka. Mike Howard) is the creator of Nov Studios and the jpeg2RAW podcast. Mike is an accountant by day as the Controller for a large US based corporation. By night, he is a geek and has appeared on the Home Server Show Podcast & the BYOB podcast ( both found at He has also appeared on the Home Tech Show podcast ( and is now a regular guest on that show. Mike's true passion is photography and shoots when ever he can find time. As an amateur photographer, he is always looking to learn more about the craft.

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